ACT Safety Limited is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) that has been providing Health and Safety services for all industries and business sectors for the past 12 years. Our aim is to provide safety courses to equip people with the knowledge and necessary skills to enable them to live and work in a zero-harm environment.

Our safety courses provide in-depth
training with a collaborative, learner-centered approach which promotes a sense of personal ownership to safety.

Our passion and customer focus are strengthened by our ability to customise our client's training need to meet their specific requirement.

ACT Safety Limited is own by Activate Learning Centre (ATC New Zealand) which is currently the 7th largest PTE in New Zealand. ATC New Zealand is a charity education company founded 1984 and passionate about seeing lives changed through learning. ATC operate nationwide from four main campuses located in East Tamaki, Pukekohe, Hamilton, and Christchurch. 

ACT Safety have recently been audited by NZQA and were found to be “Highly Confident” in our Educational Performance.  As a Category 1 Training Provider (PTE) we can offer unit standard training in Occupational Health & Safety and Fire and Emergency. We are authorized and accredited to load your results onto the NZQA framework.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

ACT Safety offer training packages customised to suit your industry or site. All our training packages are written to the highest standard and all assessment material is pre-moderated by the relevant ITO.

Our trainers have years of industry experience and therefore we can offer 24/7 training covering all your shift requirements.  Contact our friendly team to discuss your on-site training needs.


Meet Our Team

John Preston

Operations Manager

John is an experience Health and Safety Professional and Trainer.  Consultant (16 years training experience), worked in various industries in both New Zealand and Australia, scope of work performed, business management, operations, supervision, training, construction, plant installation, commissioning, maintenance, mining and quarrying operations. Extensive experience in high risk industries, management, production and processing, steel industries; metalliferous mining, gold, nickel, iron ore, oil and gas facilities, electrical transmission, distribution (lines and sub-stations), civil brown and green fields sites. Extensive experience development and implementation of quality systems, and training programs, delivery and facilitation of training packages.  

Deliver and preparation of course material for National Certificate in Business training. Hold Diploma Front Line Management, Australian Certificate in Workplace assessment and training, New Zealand practicing electrical license, unit standard for assessor 4098, and 11281. Delivery of unit standards training packages on the NZQA framework to level 6 standards.

Since returning to New Zealand over 8 years ago, significant involvement in the training at New Zealand Steel, Glenbrook, Waikato North Head, and Taharoa Iron Sands. New Zealand Steel, delivery of their full suite of isolation packages, Isolation leader Level 1, 2, 3, Authorised Person, Protected person, and Inductions. Confined Space and Gas Testing, Safe Systems of Work. I have also worked with the Risk Reduction Committees to help improve the training on many of these packages, specifically, Isolation Leader Level 2 Isolation Leader module, confined space refresher, and SSW training.

Performed off-shore training for ACT Safety Ltd with Goodman Fielder Fiji, risk management, and permit to work systems. Facilitated the work group committee formed to amalgamate Goodman Fielder permit to work systems for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the pacific islands.


Irene Volschenk

Business Development Manager

Irene Volschenk is a experienced Project Manager, with a strong background in Business Management, Sales and Operations.  With a Degree in Business Management, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Mental Health.   Irene has a passion for self development, believing you are never to old to learn she regularly develops internal campaigns to assist employees with their personal development goals.

Irene opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done. With over 20 years in both public and private sectors, Irene has experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. 

Immigrated to New Zealand in 2008, married for 28 years and 2 adult children. 

Irene is extremely focused, fostering customer relationships which is very important to her and this is instilled and fostered by her team.  

Irene enjoys reading and being creative by completing her Diploma in Dressmaking in 2016.  There is something magical about having the skill to construct your own clothes.

Ciaran O’Regan

Health & Safety Advisor/Trainer

Ciaran O' Regan is a Health and Safety Trainer / Consultant with 6 years’ experience.  Ciaran has worked in various industries in New Zealand, construction, rigging applications, plant operations, quarrying operations.

Experience in health and safety training package development and providing training for workers and clients. Qualified in NEBOSH Certificate in 2013 for Management of international health and safety, control of international workplace hazards, international health and safety practical application. I would like to apply my qualifications in Management of international health and safety, control of international workplace hazards in the work environment.

Delivery of unit standards training packages on the NZQA framework and accredited to level 5.

Held various leadership positions, looking after the profitability of companies. Plant operation background. Provided training on various quarry sites, understands the risks involved in high risk operations, including isolation procedures.

Ciaran's main attributes and those that he continue to develop would be reliable and trustworthy, communication skills (this especially was developed working with victim support), passionate about developing strong relationships with customers and community a strong team player and the ability to meet deadlines.

Ciaran has a high level of safety commitment and leadership, has a hands-on approach to all tasks, and likes to lead from the top and guide and mentor those who follow the same work ethics. Willingness to learn and achieve and use the training provided to continually develop experience in health and safety environment. In industries mistakes are very costly; his goal has always been to get each person home each night. 

Sharif O’Connor

Health & Safety Advisor/Trainer

Sharif O' Connor, with a wide range of experience, variety of industrial access including high rise painting, waterproofing inspections and repairs, general maintenance on bridges and buildings, and window cleaning. He has experience working in confined space, safety watch and rescue specialist, abseiling into confined space training, EWP operation, rope access.  

Sharif is Fluent in English and Spanish, good communicator, willing to learner and adept at conflict management.

Sharif continue to obtain experience delivering high quality industry standard training that is compatible with ongoing commitments within the rope access industry.  A high level of safety commitment and leadership, has a hands-on approach to all tasks, and likes to lead from the top and guide and mentor those who follow the same work ethics.

Willingness to learn and achieve and use the training provided to continually develop experience in health and safety environment. 

In his free time Sharif is a active member in the band Makeshift Parachutes, they are a Psychedelic, rock band from Auckland.


Imone Volschenk

Health & Safety Trainer

Imone Volschenk completed year 13 in 2018 at Botany Colleges. Imone started at ACT Safety as a Admin Assistant, providing the team with administrative support.

Imone has completed her CATT (Certificate in Adult Tertiary Teaching) early in 2020 and has been training Fire Extinguisher, Fire warden and EWP Refresher courses for ACT Safety Ltd in her journey to become a experienced Health and Safety Trainer.

Imone is been trained to be ACT Safety's champion in delivering VR Training (Virtual Reality) in Confined Spaces, Working at Heights and Chemical Handling.

Imone continue to grow in the Training industry, Imone aims to deliver high quality industry standard training and enjoy the interaction with our clients and learners.

Imone's loves being creative and Digital and Traditional art is part of that journey.

Barrie McLeod

Business Consultant /Trainer

Barrie McLeod is an experience Trainer / Consultant with 13 years in house training experience within a Mining Company).  His scope of work performed, Permit to Work, Confined Space, Job Hazard analysis, Work at Height, + Rescue, EWP training, plant commissioning & maintenance setup within mining operations. Extensive experience in high risk industry, production and processing in metalliferous mining, gold. Delivery of array of Health & Safety standards, including First Aid 6402, 6401, 6400 & 29321. Experience in development and implementation of quality systems, and training programs, delivery, and facilitation of training packages. 

Barrie has significant involvement at OceanaGold Macraes New Zealand of delivery training in Isolation packages, Isolation Person, Authorised Person, Co-Acceptor person, and Inductions. Confined Space and Gas Testing. Plant shutdown setup prep to ensure safe systems for contractors when onsite.

To deliver a high level of safety to workers approach to all tasks and like to help guide and mentor those who follow the same work ethics.  Incidents/accidents are not only costly to industry, but personally; and the goal is to get each person home each night safely & healthy.

Zelda Van Wyngaardt

National Training Coordinator

Zelda van Wyngaardt is a Logistics & Supply Chain Management superstar.  With a Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a decade of successful experience in Logistics, Zelda joined our team as National Training Coordinator in September 2020.  Zelda is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace.  She immigrated to New Zealand early in 2020, married for 26 years with 3 adult children.  With her positive can do attitude, Zelda strives to support our customers by delivering excellent customer service.

Zelda enjoys a good Netflix binge and loves spending time with her family.

Anna O’Connor

Health & Safety Advisor/Trainer

Anna O'Connor is Health and Safety Trainer and Consultant, and Assessor with 5 years’ experience. She has worked on a wide variety of industrial abseil jobs including high rise painting, waterproofing inspections and repairs, general maintenance on bridges and buildings, and window cleaning. Companies worked with include but not limited to; Vertical Solutions Ltd; South Trade Ltd; Kiwi Maintenance Group Ltd; J.R. Webb & Sons; Vertex Services (Melbourne, VIC).

Delivery of unit standards training packages on the NZQA framework and accredited to level 5.  Anna holds Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Linguistics; Industrial Rope Access certificate (IRRAANZ); Associates degree in business administration.  She held various leadership positions, looking after the profitability of companies, Plant operation background. Provided training on various sites, understands the risks involved in high risk operations, training for rope rescue, working at heights, safety reps, hazard/risk ID.


Michelle van der Bank

Health & Safety Compliance Coordinator

Michelle van der Bank is a experienced Health and Safety Specialist, in control of our workplace Health & Safety.  With 13 years experience in Health and Safety auditing, consulting and training.  Michelle's primary responsibility is to thoroughly inspect and analyze our workplace environments, conditions and practices to identify potential dangers.  Michelle plays a critical role in making sure ACT Safety adhere to all Health and Safety requirements.

Michelle joined the team at ACT Safety in middle of May 2021 as the Health and Safety Compliance Coordinator. With her knowledge she want to make a difference and look after the well-being of both staff and our learners. 

Michelle is very customer focus, fostering our company culture.  She is dedicated to enhance our customer satisfaction and building strong customer relationships with our customer network.



Allie Bosch

Health & Safety Advisor/Trainer

Allie Bosch is a Health and Safety Trainer, Consultant and Assessor with a background in a broad range of high-risk operational work. His experience in health and safety; the development of people; and project management is evident in his ambitious nature to bring forth positive change.  The transition from a notable career in the Police Service to Health and Safety Management was a continuation of his passion for the wellbeing of people. He holds a New Zealand Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and engages in continuous studies to enhance his capabilities.  Certified in Adult Education and with more than 25 years’ training experience he has extensive knowledge as facilitator, coordinator, advisor, and assessor to reach positive educational outcomes for trainees.   

Employed as the Health, Safety and Training Coordinator at New Zealand Coal Mines, Allie delivered a variety of subjects ranging from but not limited to Principal Hazard Management Plans; Principle Control Plans; Standards and Operating Procedures. In addition to training, he graded assessments and maintained staff training records to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements were met.

With Allie’s investigative background his delivery of the Incident Cause Analysis Methodology allows trainees to conduct incident investigation with absolute confidence. Currently he delivers all the Unit Standards associated with the Extractives Industries 

Allie always strives to deliver an optimum quality of work and encourage others to do the same. His naturally calm demeanor allows him to assist trainees in the management of pressure associated with studies. His extensive experience in training allows him to guide people to enhance their health and safety decision-making ability and their application of corrective actions.  

Annie Viljoen

Business Administrator

Annie Viljoen recently joined our team as Business Administrator.  Annie is an experience Office Manager with more than 15 years’ experience in accounts payable and receivable, payroll, customer services, Key accounts and pre-production scheduling.

She strives when working under pressure and use her initiatives along with her ability to think on her feet to get excellent results.  Annie worked in both public and private sectors and enjoys a team environment.

Her passion in life is to serve others and spread love and kindness.  Annie is married with 3 adults children, 1 grandson with another baby on its way.

Annie enjoys working in the garden, baking and spending time with her family. 


Justin Rivard

Canterbury Sales Representative & Trainer

Justin is the newest member of the growing ACT Safety team and is based out of our Christchurch branch. His primary responsibility is to serve as the Canterbury sales representative but will be doing training as well. With a Master’s degree in Disaster, Risk and Resilience from the University of Canterbury, he has valuable academic perspective to add to the company and a practical perspective as an active volunteer member with the Selwyn Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) team.

Having owned his own business, that he sold in order to move to New Zealand, he brings over 10 years’ experience in business development and customer relations. Driven by the power of relationship, his goal is to meet the needs of our clients and not just generate numbers.

On the training side, he brings 15 years of university coaching and classroom teaching experience in both Canada and the US. A natural encourager, Justin has a passion to see people develop and learn new skills.

With his focus on building people and relationships, we are excited to have Justin join our experienced and talented team.

What people say about us?

"It’s the best health and safety course I’ve ever done and I learnt so much. It’s actually revolutionised my view and I have a renewed passion for what we do. The trainer is an outstanding trainer & you are very lucky to have such a warm, wonderful and passionate trainer on the team."

Juliet Reeves
McConnell Dowell Corporation Limited

Our workers enjoy attending training at ACT Safety and it shows when they return to site. They have better skills and our management have more confidence once they've attended the training at ACT Safety

André Hendriks
HSQE Officer - March Cato Limited

Thanks for the course found it helpful and I like the real world approach that you have taken while delivering this ICAM Training.

Martyn Wells
Branch Manager - CablePrice

This ICAM course has given me great confidence to work on the Central Interceptor project. All the recommendations you mention are in process on Central Interceptor project and more. 

There is a lot of Health and Safety involved working on the project both on the Ghella- Abergeldie Joint Venture side and the Watercare side.   Enjoyed your way of delivering the course.  Great course!

Anton Toki
Toki Contractors / Toki Tree Services Ltd

I started my training journey with ACT Safety in 2020 with the challenge of completing both A and B grade Quarry certificates and also to do it under a year! The team at ACT of been super supportive and are always there when I’ve needed a hand. The facilitation through zoom means no time off work and also no extra cost of having to travel somewhere.  

The administrators and the trainers are knowledgeable and experienced in delivering the material, they have provided a safe place to learn and they adapt to all learning styles.

I’m now a fan of ACT Safety and highly recommend them as training providers.

Rebecca Finlay
Health and Safety Advisor - Golden Bay Cement

As you are aware myself along with 3 other colleagues recently participated in the 2 Day online training session which is Unit Standard 17601 ICAM Investigation.

I felt it important to give you some feedback about my experience and how valuable this was for me in particular,  I honestly thought at first “ How was I going to adjust to the new norm, and the impact COVID has had” I guess for a lot of students its an adjustment to say the least.

I would like to commend Ciaran O’Regan for the professional and practical manner he presented the course content over the 2 days,  I was very comfortable and felt that the content presented exceeded my expectation from a delivery point of view.  Ciaran encouraged the students to interact and share information about experiences around incident investigation,  His knowledgebase was outstanding I honestly felt confident that I could now apply what I have learnt in our work environment.

Gary Norman
Health & Safety Assurance Auditor/Advisor - Spotless New Zealand