LENGTH: 2 Hours
TIME: 8:00 am – 10:00 am
FEES: $160 + GST per Trainee

Manual Handling Training Course overview:

Manual handling injuries are amongst the most common injuries in the building industry, with one in four construction workers receiving a back injury of some description in any year. WorkSafe NZ has identified manual handling as still one of our major causes of lost time injuries, “Lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling heavy loads can put workers at risk of serious injury” as such they have compiled fact sheets on manual handling. ACC receives over 50,000 work-related claims for lifting, carrying and strain injuries each year. The downside effect of manual handling injuries is far more significant than ‘just’ off-work time; it is the strain this places on Whanau, families and relationships.

To help you and your workers avoid these unnecessary injuries, we are running a manual handling training course and invite you and your workers to attend. The course is designed to raise awareness of manual handling and concepts of reducing risk.

Many work duties require workers to lift, push, pull, or carry objects meaning workers sometimes assume awkward and unbalanced postures, which can lead to soft-tissue damage. Because manual handling is such an everyday activity, it is often overlooked when assessing risks.

Please contact us to book the manual handling training course.