Health and Safety Courses

Our Health and Safety courses cover the basic requirements for all safety representatives, supervisors and managers. Companies wishing to improve their overall workplace health and safety and up-skill their workforce use these health and safety courses as the foundation building blocks.

Trainees of our health and safety course will gain an understanding of the legislation; reinforce organisations’ safety practises and procedures. Identify hazards, carry out risk assessment, develop control measures and monitor control measures for effectiveness.

We recommend using company documentation i.e. hazard id forms, risk assessments, incident reports, warning card and the like to give the participants practice on completing the systems that they will be using back in the workplace.

Health and Safety Courses

Demonstrate Knowledge of Workplace Health and Safety Requirements (Unit 497)

4 hours (Unit 497): this health and safety training unit standard is intended for use by employees as well as students and those on pre-employment training, and may be assessed in either a provider or workplace environment.

Key learning outcomes of Health and Safety training (Unit 497)

  • Identify and describe legislative rights and responsibilities for workplace health and safety.
  • Describe the systems approach to workplace health and safety.
  • Explain how risks and hazards are defined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).

Apply Safety Working Practices in the Workplace (Unit 17593)

4 hours (Unit 17593): This Health and Safety training unit is related to organisational requirements that refer to instructions to their staff on policy and procedures, which are documented in memo or manual format and are available in the workplace.

Key learning outcomes of Health and Safety training (Unit 17593)

  • Identify the principles of workplace safety in a given workplace. (Ex: workplace hazard identification systems, safe work practices in relation to organisational requirements, etc).
  • Demonstrate safe work practices in a specific workplace (Ex: routine work activities, workplace hazard, unsafe work practices, documentation relating to safe work practices,etc).

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Procedures in the Workplace  (Unit 17602) – 6 hours

Key learning outcomes of Health and Safety training (Unit 17602)

  • Describe hazards that may harm workers, the work environment, and organisations
  • Explain health and safety requirements for hazard control.
  • Describe hazard control methods.
  • Identify hazards and apply risk assessment procedures.