Fire Warden Courses

Fire Warden Training – Course fees $140 + GST per person

Our experienced trainers have a long history in Fire Service or fire related industries. We are not only provide Fire & Emergency Training  but we also develop Approved Evacuation Schemes and Emergency Evacuation Procedures that meet the requirements of the Health & Safety in Employment Act and the Fire Services Act.

Our service includes the total management of six monthly Evacuation Drills. This is a requirement under the Act to keep Approved Evacuation Schemes active. Our fire warden’s consultants develop emergency scenarios used during drills to keep your wardens alert and active and to prepare them for any eventuality.

We offer the total Fire & Emergency package to new companies or others wishing to improve on current systems. The fire warden training covers home and family fire safety.  Emergency preparation is also embedded in all our fire training.

Fire & Emergency Wardens in the Workplace (Unit 18408)
Duration: NZQA (4-4.5 Hrs)

Learning outcomes of Fire Warden Training (Unit 18408)

  • Understand the Legal Requirements Fire Service Act 1975 and Fire Safety & Evacuations of Buildings Regulations 2006
  • Understand Approved Fire Evacuation Scheme and Evacuation Procedures
  • Recognise all types of emergencies
  • Human behavior when confronted by an emergency
  • Procedures for a safe evacuation of occupants
  • Duties of key personnel Senior/Floor/Building Warden
  • Preparing the building or work site for an emergency
  • Assembly points and places of safety
  • Fire prevention, detection and warning devices
  • Workplace audits to ensure safe and speedy evacuation
  • Maintaining a Visitors Register and a Disability Assistance Register
  • Knowledge of companies own procedures
  • Highlight best practice within industries
  • Simulated evacuation drills (where applicable)

Trainees of fire warden course will receive:

  • Course booklet
  • Unit standards entered onto the framework
  • Certificate for successful trainees

Management of fire warden course will receive:

  • Hard and soft copy of course competency register
  • Trainer’s curriculum vitae (if required)
  • Register of trainees onto ACT Safety Ltd training database for refresher call ups