Gantry Crane (US 3800 & US 30072)

Operate a radio remote or pendant controlled overhead crane and lift and place regular loads

This training is carried out to give trainees the skills and knowledge to operate a ‘radio remote or pendant controlled overhead crane and lift and place regular loads’. Trainees will learn how to inspect their equipment and learn about the hazards and risks involved in the lifting and slinging of their loads. They will also be made aware of compliance issues and processes required by their company during the operation of the crane.

Course Details
This course consists of both units, written and practical training and will be completed in 1 Day as per the code of practice for; “all persons operating an overhead gantry crane”.  Note: US30072 is a pre-requisite unit to US3800.

Course covers

  • Pre start checks
  • Isolation and lock out procedures
  • Inspect lifting equipment prior to use. Includes but not limited to chains, web slings, wire rope and spreader bars.
  • Lift and place regular loads
  • Correct use of Crane
  • Correct use of lifting equipment
  • Stow crane after use
  • Stow lifting equipment after use

Course Duration
1 Day

Number of trainees:
Minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 trainees

Course Costs
Public course – US 3800 & US30072 – $450 + GST per trainee
Contact Kitty on 09-270 9592 for training bookings and refresher information

In house Costs
US 3800 & US 30072 – Minimum 6 trainees – Maximum of 10 trainees – speak to Kitty to discuss pricing

Truck Mount Crane (Dogman) (US 16617)

Lifting & Slinging Loads (US 3789)

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