ACT Safety Limited carries out confined space training to the Australian standard AS2865:2009. This standard is accepted by the Worksafe New Zealand.

Confined Space Courses

Unit 18426/17599/25510. Unit 3058 on request – $450 per trainee + GST
Confined Space Refresher/ Gas Training – $230 Per trainee + GST
Unit 18426 Hazards of Confined Space only – $230 per trainee + GST

16 hours for all four units
Many companies, employers and principles require that all person who are working in confined spaces hold the above units.

However we also offer these as individual confined space units.

Hazards Associated with Confined Space

8 hours (Unit 18426)
Essential safety training for all persons who are required to working in confined spaces.

Key learning outcomes of confined space training (Unit 18426)

  • This unit standard is for people working in confined spaces.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of confined spaces, and their permit notification and implementation requirements
  • Identify control measures to eliminate, isolate, and minimise the risk of hazards in confined spaces
  • Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing requirements
  • Describe the responsibilities and duties of people entering confined spaces or conducting observation duties for confined spaces

Operate an atmospheric testing device (Unit 25510)

This unit prepare for people who want to have knowledge about operating an atmospheric testing device to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safely.

Key learning outcomes of confined space training (Unit 25510)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of atmospheric testing in potentially hazardous environments.
  • Conduct atmospheric tests
  • Interpret and respond to atmospheric testing results

Perform gas tests for an energy and chemical plant (Unit 3058)

Key learning outcomes of confined space training (Unit 3058)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of gas testing and related hazards in the energy and chemical industry.
  • Perform gas tests in an energy and chemical plant
  • Interpret and respond to gas test results in an energy and chemical plant.

Plan a Confined Space Entry (Unit 17599)

Developed for people who may authorise a confined space entry, take charge of a confined space entry or carry out the planning for others to enter a confined space.

This unit requires that the trainee actually plans confined space entries.

Key learning outcomes of confined space training ( Unit 17599)

  • This unit standard is for experienced people who are required to work safely in confined spaces.
  • Identify hazards and controls within confined spaces
  • Develop an emergency procedure plan for a confined space
  • Complete documentation required for confined space entry.