Chemical Handling & Spill Kit Use

Store & Handle Workplace Chemicals

8 hours 20733 and 20645
US 20733 Safe Storage and handling of Hazardous Substances
Candidates will be able to identify chemicals used within their workplace, understand the use of safety documentation, describe safe storage containment, facilities and understand the requirements for segregation of chemicals. They will be also be able to apply methods for safe disposal of containers and systematic methods of dealing with spills and understand the reporting in accordance with company and local authority requirements. There is a practical assessment which consists of safe spill containment.

US 20645 Describe the requirements of the HSNO Act 1996 relevant to approved handlers. Requirement for approved handlers to understand the legislation and law relating to HSNO Act 1996 and Hazardous Substance Regulation 2001 and new requirements of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). Candidates still must request from the authority to become approved handlers in the workplace.

Use of Spill Kits

3 hours (non unit standard)
Candidates will learn about the chemicals used within their workplace. They will understand MSDS and the associated documentation, the different types of absorbent material and elements of a spill kit. The safe use of spill kits for leaks and containment, disposal of waste and reporting functions is also covered. A practical spill containment exercise is also completed.

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