Job Safety Analysis

Both our Job Safety Analysis and Job Hazard Analysis courses engage the workforce with safety. The training is team-focused; identifying the hazards and controlling them. Establishing robust safety systems enable organizations to empower its employees and, in support of this, the use of JSA’s and quality training makes a quantum leap forward towards strengthening team.

Undertake Job Safety Analysis

Key learning outcomes of Job Safety Analysis (NZQA 19522)

  • Preparing a work method statement for a specified job. Methods to identify the information required may include but are not limited to three from – direct observation, group discussion, interviews, flowcharts, documentation, manufacturer instructions, safety data sheets, job descriptions, standard operating procedures, questionnaire, compliance and legislative requirements.
  • Produce a job safety analysis for a specified job. (Ex: Define the activity or task in terms of the work to be performed. Identify the job steps in terms of the work to be performed. Identify the potential hazards and associated risk ratings for each job step. Identify control measures for hazards in accordance with the legal hierarchy of risk control measures.