Isolation and Lockout is one of the safety cornerstones of any organisation; the ability for  operators and maintenance people to be able to access and work on equipment and machinery without being harmed is paramount.

There must be an understanding of what the energy sources are on equipment, including what stored energy is, and how to control or remove it.

This energy that has not only got to be isolated but there must be effective methods to ensure that it is not inadvertently restored.

ACT Safety Ltd. have experienced consultants who have worked in high risk industries, underground mining, quarrying and steelmaking who have developed isolation systems, procedure and delivered training.

We have also developed full isolation systems for other smaller organisations and industries.


ACT Safety Ltd offer a full service of assisting companies in turn-key operation, to instigate effective but simple isolation systems. This includes; procedure development, plant modification, isolation point labelling to enable effective isolations that will create a safer working environment.

Under the new Health and Safety Reform Bill about to be introduced there are clear responsibilities under the duty of care for Person Conducting a business or Enterprise (PCBE) to provide safe systems of work and to train and instruct all workers; this includes contractors and visitors. It will no longer be acceptable to assume that a contract electrician understands your organisations isolation systems.

Unit Standard:
Duration: 8 hours

US 2401 Safely shutdown and Isolate machines and equipment

NB Additional evidence is gathered using an ACT Safety developed competency test from the client organisational procedures.

Learning Objectives

(Company Procedure Specific)

  • Legislation; Company and individuals under the ACT
  • The purpose of isolations
  • The types of energy sources including stored energy
  • Responsibilities of Lockholder, Authorised Persons and Isolation Leaders
  • Classroom Isolation Training Board Demonstration
  • The Individual Isolation Procedure
  • The Group Isolation Procedure
  • The Authorised Removal of a Personal Padlock
  • Isolation Breaches
  • Isolation Summary
  • Practical workplace isolation assessment (manage the isolation process, shutdown, isolate, verify, reinstate) on two systems.

Our courses are team orientated working in groups and pairs to enhance the learning process.


Not only do we offer a full suite of services around isolation and lockout we also sell all isolation padlocks, lockboxes and assorted isolation paraphernalia at competitive prices.

We have an intricate knowledge of all the equipment available and will make recommendations that will ensure that you buy only the correct equipment for the task.



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