Why is health and safety document essential?

It is important to have health and safety documents at your workplace including plans, policies, forms, checklists, training materials, signs, written documents and other resources that explain to workers about:

  • How to manage workplace safe
  • What to do if something goes wrong
  • How to work safe and protect their health

Documents need to be written using words that easy to understand to everyone at your workplace. It also needs to include some information as following:

  • Show that health and Safety is important
  • Encourage your workers use safe practices at your workplace.
  • Being used for continuously to improve how you manage the risks arising from your workplace.

Common types of health and safety document

Policy Statement that sets out an organisation’s approach and intentions. Guides workplace actions by stating who is to do it , what is to be done, and how it is to be done. Health and Safety Policy
Table Displays information in a table laid out in rows and columns so that it is easy to read and compare. Check list

Action list

Procedure Series of steps that must be done in order. Each step begins with a action word. For example, ‘walk’, ‘leave’, ‘sound’. Often have images or a map – for example, a map showing an assembly area. Evacuation procedure
Emergency procedure
Flowchart Diagram or other illustration show the activities and decision involved as a process is worked through. Steps and sequences are shown Flowchart to identify
the right guard for your
Form A document which requires for information – that is written in blank spaces on the form. Accident investigation form , Accident or incident report form, and Safe work method statement (SWMS)
Sign Provides instructions and information. It usually has words and graphics. Signs must be meaningful and relevant. On their own, signs rarely provide sufficient control. Danger sign, Emergency exit sign, Warning sign
Describes or provides information about something. Safety data sheet
Graph Diagram which uses curves, lines, or bars to share information – such as trends or changes over time. Graph shows serious harm or injury rates notifications over a five-year period

Guidance to write health and safety document:

The guidance will explain how to write health and safety documents which helps you to answer the following questions:

  • What is the health and safety document for?
  • What are your main messages?
  • Who will read the document?
  • How will you share and use the document?
  • Is the document effective?