To have an incident or accident is unfortunate; to learn nothing from it is unacceptable.

ACT Safety Ltd pride ourselves in our Incident Investigation training. Not only do we train to a very high standard but we teach our trainees to find route cause and instigate preventive measures.

Our trainers have many years experience with incident investigations on the front line so they know the pitfalls and ways to overcome them. This training covers the legal requirements and completion of DOL documentation, scene investigations, data collection and interviewing techniques. It gives the trainees a systematic approach to investigating incidents, enabling the root causes to be identified and develop SMARTER corrective actions. Trainees complete their own company documentation, including incident investigation reporting and recording.

ACT Safety Ltd also offer an Independent Incident Investigation Service where we assist your company in the investigation of incidents or accidents.

Incident Investigation Courses

Outline an Incident Investigation

8 hours (US 17601)

Conduct an Incident Investigation at an Extraction Site

16 hours (US 16686)

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