burn victim,

ACT Safety Ltd has one main charity that we subscribe to on an annual basis. This is the “Burn Support Group Charitable Trust Inc”

Burn Support Group not only supports the burn survivors but also the family as well.

Donations can be made by cheque to Burn Support Group Charitable Trust www.burns.org.nz

Founded by Delwyn Tait-Breslau after her 8 year son sustained burns to 40% of his body in 1984. It became obvious to Delwyn that some type of support organisation was needed for burn survivors and their families. Not only were they suffering intense physical pain but sometimes they had to deal with the loss of a home and sometimes a family member as well.

Jorja was burned at 18 months old and is now 10 years old. These are some words from her speech that she prepared for school but fell sick and couldn’t attend.

Your scar does not have to hold you back. You should show your scar who’s the boss! Why does it hold you back? Because you let it! You are the boss, so show your scar, have more friends, and live in the present, not the past. Be who you really are. People will love you when you’re truthful, now when you lie about yourself. Now I hope you have a feeling for people like me with scars. Remember – scars don’t have to hold you back!

Other charities that we support annually;

  • Institute of Quarry NZ Inc – Christmas Charity Dinner
  • Radio Network Childrens Party
  • Heart Kids Day Out
  • The Kids Foundation
  • Autism New Zealand